Blue Estate The Game - Free Steam Key

Blue Estate The Game free steam key
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Categories: STEAM / Action

Developer: HE SAW

Publisher: HE SAW

Release Date: Apr 8, 2015

Windows Requirements

  • OS: Windows Vista
  • Processor: Dual Core 2.0GHz or equivalent
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI or NVidia card w/ 512 MB RAM (not recommended for Intel HD Graphics cards)
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
Blue Estate The Game free steam key
Blue Estate The Game free steam key

Blue Estate The Game free steam key

Blue Estate The Game free steam key

Blue Estate The Game free steam key

Blue Estate The Game free steam key

About the Game

Blue Estate provides previously unmatched immersion in the world of the Los Angeles mafia, packed with black humor, intuitive gameplay, and incredible fun.

In Blue Estate you will play Tony Luciano, the psychopathic son of the Italian mafia godfather of LA and Clarence, an ex-Navy SEAL, penniless and now a hit-man bent on cleaning up the mess started by Tony. As Tony launches a personal vendetta against the Sik Brother’s gang in an attempt to save his best dancer, Cherry Popz, Clarence wants to end the gang war, taking him to the farthest corners of Jamaica!

Use different controllers and enjoy the intuitive gameplay to dive into the most polished rail shooter experience! Take on unforgettable enemies, from a mafia golfer packing grenades to Chihuahuas bursting with steroids! And because wild rides are always more fun when you're not alone, invite a friend to join the massacre in the intense cooperative mode!


  • The first next gen rail shooter adapted from the Eisner Award nominated graphic novel, Blue Estate by Viktor Kalvachev.
  • Can be played with various controllers: keyboard/mouse, Xbox One and Xbox 360 Controller, and the Leap Motion controller.
  • 2 game modes: STORY MODE - 7 adrenaline-packed missions! ARCADE MODE - where you combine headshots with combos in a race against time!
  • 2 players in local multiplayer: relive all the levels in an intense cooperative mode!
  • A sophisticated scoring system for comparing your scores online!
  • Compatible with Light Guns! (unofficial support)

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